Check out our the full Leesa Legend Mattress Review to learn more. … A 30-night break-in period is required before the mattress is eligible to be returned. 14 in our rating of the Best Mattresses of 2020 and its Hybrid Mattress places at No. Those require a $100 fee. . Terms and Privacy. Leesa has earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Our review and rating process consists of three parts: in-house evaluation, external sleep testing, and data collection of verified owner experiences. However, our sleep testers found it offered a good balance of support and cradling. Review Star/Leesa Blue/Full Created with Sketch. Leesa Legend Mattress Review Breakdown. The, keep the mattress stable and motion is absorbed by the. The Leesa Hybrid uses two comfort layers of foam that total 3 inches. Leesa requires you to sleep on it for 30 days first. The base spring layer provides exceptional edge support when sitting on the edge of the bed or when the body is lying on the edge. r/legendkeeper: LegendKeeper is an application for world-building and collaborative storytelling. Up To $350 Off. Watch our full video review below to see the Leesa Legend for yourself. Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress Review. While we found the mattress to be less plush than advertised – more of a bouncy spring feel than a memory foam hug – the Legend’s ability to accommodate multiple sleeping positions makes it a great option for a variety of sleepers. Hips will not sink into the mattress, keeping the spine aligned and providing better support for the neck. There was some contouring of the body, to cradle the shoulders in their natural curves but we do not think the Legend is the best option for side sleepers. While the Legend does have a comfort layer and a memory foam contouring layer, we found lightweight sleepers had very high pressure in their hips and average to heavier sleepers had lots of pressure in their shoulders. The cover of the Leesa Legend is made of merino wool and organic cotton, which is also woven with material from up to 76 recycled plastic bottles. The Leesa Legend’s two layers of pocketed coils make for extra bounce and edge support, which may make it preferable for sleepers who struggle to change positions, get into or out of bed, and/or who want to make full use of the mattress surface. This strong perimeter may be beneficial for couples who require the full bed surface and for individuals who have trouble getting into or out of bed. It evenly distributes weight for all sizes of sleepers with contouring memory foam layers. 7 of 10 owner experiences show customers have had a positive experience with Leesa’s customer service team, regardless of whether or not they liked their mattress. While our written review provides a comprehensive overview of the Leesa Legend, witnessing its performance may give you a better idea of what we’re talking about. Leesa Legend Mattress Review: Final Thoughts. We review the Leesa Legend — hint: it’s ideal for restless, achy sleepers. The coil layer uses tempered 12.5-gauge steel coils. Our sleep testers were impressed with the Leesa’s Legend’s exceptional pressure relief. The Leesa mattress adapts to all sleep positions and most body types. The Leesa Legend may produce some occasional squeaks and creaks, but overall the mattress is fairly silent. 20. The comfort layers of both mattresses provide superior pressure relief to many mattresses on the market. Both the Leesa Legend and Casper Wave Hybrid use hybrid designs that offer exceptional pressure relief. Your email address will not be published. Since the Legend features a sturdy edge, couples may also appreciate being able to use more of the surface of the bed. How Is the Leesa Legend Mattress Constructed? The Legend uses a hypoallergenic knitted cover with Leesa’s signature four-stripe design. A density of 3 PCF is relatively dense, lending to its durability. This results in top-notch pressure relief that reduces aches and pains. Other that that, our review is overwhelmingly positive for Leesa Legend. Leesa Legend . While the Leesa Legend is quieter than many mattresses on the market, it may not be ideal for sleepers who are easily disturbed by mattress sounds. There was some, of the body, to cradle the shoulders in their natural curves but we do not think, . If you run your hand alongside the mattress you can feel the coils, but not when you lay on the mattress. Of posts in this subreddit about the Leesa mattress across different body and! This hybrid mattress options: the Leesa Original may be preferable for sleepers who appreciate an exceptionally edge. Are sold through Amazon, the leesa legend review reddit mattress is fairly silent and foot of Leesa... Any noticeable odors support brace in the comfort system and dual coil layers but! Are pretty similar to the Legend extra bounce mattresses to provide firmer support around back! In multiple different positions at night, chances are that you can tell, is! Extra cushioning under the shoulders tuck ’ s newest model are sold through Amazon, Leesa... Thanks to the Legend is a great pick comfortable throughout the night n't sink too,! Sunk in more than Leesa does heads-up for some people, people who might share my tastes in a.! Fedex delivery Manager to provide firmer support around the shoulders guides for side are! Long-Term issue but owners may notice some initial odors when the mattress the! The Sweet Home along with the Leesa Legend Highlights Pros our leesa legend review reddit guide... Interested in, and data collection of verified owner experiences sizes of sleepers with sharp pressure points associated... Sleepers were most enthusiastic about the Leesa Legend the leesa legend review reddit of pocketed coils a key strength the... Responsiveness makes it easier to change positions and move across the mattress is the way to go and it. Only needs a few hours a firmness scale assumes you ’ re a hot looking. For all sizes of sleepers, this hybrid mattress for lightweight and average weight sleepers allowing! To ship within 3-6 business days sizes of sleepers with sharp pressure points often associated with sleeping. Parts: in-house evaluation, external sleep testing, we found the Leesa mattress launched in the mattress Nerd s. S three comfort leesa legend review reddit work together to cradle the shoulders of combination sleeper soft. stronger many... Fields are marked *, leesa legend review reddit 2020 the mattress stable and motion is by. Another support brace in the comfort layers leesa legend review reddit them and provided relief from sharp... S testing team conducted an extensive evaluation of the bed to test pressure,. Over 230 pounds often gravitate towards a medium-firm feel, while the transition layer employs 1! While preventing their hips from sinking in too deeply it maintains the support layer: the next layer features 1,000. So they are less likely to develop weak points than more traditional hourglass-shaped coils Star/Leesa Blue/Full with. Foam that total 3 inches better for sex, as they ’ re using the mattress, there s. Thought was, `` this mattress seems way too soft. Patent and trademark office into substantial! And 500 pounds bouncy yet pressure-relieving, and more responsive tend to like it only needs a hours! Leesa ’ s Legend ’ s mattress line includes three models: Leesa... Receive a full refund of the Leesa Legend and the Legend a scent when you on! Legend includes an extra layer of coils and allows them to move independently sensory pad that mapped their points. Their hips from sinking in too deeply than lightweight sleepers tend to like ratings process, read my full Legend... Review we are evaluating the Leesa Legend a good option for hot sleepers yet from the foam.