Originally, Kyoya is raised to remain in the defined role as the youngest child, meant to stay in his lane and support his older siblings and family name. Haruhi breaks a rather expensive vase of the club by accident, she asked to pay off their debt becoming an errand boy. Each club member plays a specific role as a bishōnen stereotype: Tamaki Suoh is the princely type; Kyoya is the cool type; Mori is the strong silent type; Honey is the cute type; Hikaru and Kaoru are the little devil type; and Haruhi is the natural type (once promoted to hosthood). She also becomes more sympathetic in that her reasons for coming to Japan is not just to attract attention from her brother, but also to raise the prestige of the Monaru family (which in the film is based in Singapore, instead of Europe), who has fallen on hard times, by creating a partnership with the Suou family. The Host Club itself is co-founded by Tamaki Suoh, son of the school's chairman, and his best friend, Kyoya Ootori, son of one of Japan's wealthiest and most elite families. & 9 Other Questions MHA Still Needs To Answer, My Hero Academia: 10 Quirks Stronger Than Momo's Creation, One Piece: 10 Times Luffy Met His Match (But Won Anyways). She refers to herself with the Japanese first-person pronoun boku, which is used predominantly by males, although in increasing usage by females. She is a fashion designer who is famous throughout the world. 100% Kostenlos Online 3000+ Serien On one occasion, Benio claims that she is following in the footsteps of her mother, who was supposedly a past president of the Zuka Club in her day. Her fascination with Kyoya originates from her obsession with a dating-sim game whose lead character, Ichigo Miyabi, resembles Kyoya. Voiced by: Shigenori Yamazaki (Japanese); Kyle Hebert (English). Kyoya Otori. Kyoya operates behind the scenes, living every bit to his moniker 'Shadow King'. Mori is a kendo champion and does swing occasionally. At the end of the series, Yuzuru has a conversation with Yoshio in which he implies that he wants Haruhi to become Tamaki's wife. Haruhi mistakenly assumes her to be her mother at first, suggesting that she may resemble Kotoko as well. Physical manifestation aside, Honey acts like a dork most of the time but that's entirely misleading since he is one of the most intelligent people in the group. She is somewhat lacking in the areas of housework and organization as any time she tries to help Kyoya packing clothes they end up all over the place literally, but appears to be a kind-hearted person. She then asks her driver to head toward the airport without Tamaki, speaking of how wonderful and pure-hearted Tamaki is since he could smile at her after all that she had done. It is learned that the Morinozuka family has protected and served the Haninozuka family for many generations but were joined by marriage two generations back, thus breaking the master-servant tradition. He is also protective of Haruhi, as shown in episode 7, of whom he thinks in a very kind, brotherly way. She appears in later chapters stating that Tohru is working hard in England and wishing to help Tamaki. Under Tamaki's influence, Kyoya breaks from this role and shows his genuine potential. Ayanokoji degrades Haruhi and throws away her book bag that had her wallet in it, which ends up in the fountain in front of the academy. However, he then adds animals, and the Host Club morphs into an Animal Husbandry Club. She is a highly intelligent 1st-year student from a middle-class ("poor" in the eyes of Ouran's students) family who attends Ouran Academy on scholarship based upon an entrance exam. This item: Ouran High School Host Club Characters Lanyard With Badge ID Holder and Charm $10.94 Only 7 left in stock - order soon. She claims to have practiced many curses including one that is supposedly able to make someone fall in love with another. Main: Ouran High School Host Club University Special: Main: Related Characters. Read ⇢ Ouran High School Host Club characters from the story anime zodiac signs by willowavenue_ (willow) with 32,447 reads. The Ouran High School Host Club characters have been praised as well-rounded comedic creations that "play on bishōnen stereotypes", a theme commonly found in other Japanese manga. Portrayed by: Mone Sawada. The manga storyline goes far beyond the 26 episodes of the anime and shows the deepening relationship between Haruhi and Tamaki. Nekozawa claims that if the name of a hated person is written on the back of the doll, that person will be showered with misfortunes. Portrayed by: Ai Okawa. Then, upon hearing Haruhi's confession, he admits his feelings and the two become a couple. She is fairly oblivious to physical or sexual attention in general. Portrayed by: Kyoko Enami. Yuzuru Suoh (須王 譲, Suō Yuzuru) is the patriarch of the Suoh family and chairman of Ouran Academy. He made a cameo appearance in episode 13 as a mouse and appears in the later chapters of the manga complaining that Tamaki had yet to take him to an amusement park. Voiced by: Kei Watanabe (Japanese); Aaron Dismuke (English). Haughty and narcissist, she is a regular at the Host Club and enjoys getting the attention of all six boys. It is unclear if he realizes that Haruhi is a girl. The Ouran Host Club (also known as the Ouran High School Host Club) is an independently functioning high school club co-founded by Tamaki Suoh and Kyoya Ootori. At the end of volume 8 of the manga, it is shown that Kirimi has turned into a nearly identical darkness fanatic. Anne-Sophie de Grantaine. In the live-action TV adaptation, Reiko's portrayal is a composite of her original role in the manga as well as the Nekozawa's family maid who personally cares for Umehito's little sister, Kirimi. He is also known as Hunny in the manga or Hani. Renge Houshakuji (宝積寺 れんげ, Hōshakuji Renge) is the Host Club's self-proclaimed manager who tends to be incredibly loud and outspoken. He's also the strongest guy in the team. Mei hates her father for being a cross-dresser, as it was the reason her parents divorced and left her without a proper father figure for most of her childhood. Besides, he's a black belt and pretty much capable of kicking everyone's butt. Tamaki is thoroughly committed to discharging the duties of the Club. At the end of the series, after her son manages to reunite with his mother after years, Yuzuru meets with Shizue at the Suoh mansion, the two beginning to mend their broken relationship. The red rose has come to be synonymous with romance, true love or beauty in general. This four disc set includes all twenty-four episodes of the very amusing 'Ouran High School Host Club'. Category:Anime Class 1A.