When choosing the size of your new sink, keep in mind that farmhouse sinks sit underneath countertops, so … Add to Compare. I have long loved a beautiful white farmhouse sink, also known as an apron front sink.In fact, I’d been dreaming of one for years, and we had previously considered adding one to the kitchen at our previous home when we remodeled.. Some can weigh over 300 pounds when filled with water. Classic Fireclay Farmhouse Sink. We update both of these boards daily with new content, so you’ll always have new options! Farmhouse sinks make great everyday sinks but they are a fair bit larger than the average sink, making it more difficult for smaller sized individuals to use. We also have a Pinterest board for farmhouse design with many different sections: farmhouse kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. It fits in seamlessly here, doesn’t it? Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. Have marble countertops and want an apron sink? It looks very nice, but especially with soapstone, might be more prone to chipping on the edge. What is the difference between an apron sink and a farmhouse sink? Installation should be completed by a pro who will know the proper way to install your sink so it doesn’t damage your current cabinetry or countertop. For a good reason, everyone wants a lovely looking farmhouse sink in their kitchen. No way! Oh, and the tiled backsplash? Install your new fireclay farmhouse apron-front sink with step-by-step instructions. If you live in an apartment, you can have an apron front sink – a stunning one at that. However, because of the exposed apron, getting the exact look you are going for with a farmhouse sink can be quite a challenge, even though the end result is usually worth it. They were extremely popular in London and were raved about for their aesthetic appeal, functional design and practical use … 33 Farmhouse Sink Double Bowl - Lordear 33 Inch Kitchen Sink Apron Front Ledge Workstation Low Divide Double Bowl 60/40 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Farm Kitchen Sink. I like how it looks and don't want the edges of the sink to show, just seems like too much of an overhang. Elkay Crosstown 16 Gauge Stainless Steel 35-7/8" x 20-1/4" x 9" Equal Double Bowl Tall Farmhouse Sink Kit with Aqua Divide . Pretty soapstone and cabinets, btw. Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Installation. Farmhouse sinks come primarily in two sizes— 30-inch and 33-inch. Just make sure that your marble matches the color or the apron sink you want to buy. Below are the best farmhouse sinks that’s going to be reviewed on the list. However, the opening is also supposed to work with accessories designed for the sink - cutting boards, prep baskets, bottom racks, etc. Inspire your next remodel with our farmhouse kitchen, bathroom, family room, and bedroom ideas. The choices of colors make it a hidden beauty! Perhaps one of our favorite customer photos ever submitted, this farmhouse sink helps make this forest cabin a forest cabin. Cabanas certainly weren’t around during the farmhouse era, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a stainless steel apron front sink in there. Before installing your farmhouse sink, make sure there is adequate room for the faucet and backsplash installations. Going with the trend of black apron sinks, this is a great example of how to incorporate a black farmhouse sink into your kitchen! A negative reveal (where the counter top hangs over the sink edge) doesn't need to be quite as precise as a flushor positive reveal (where the edges of the sink show). That’s something out of a movie! However, over the years, these two methods of making farmhouse sinks have somewhat melded together to create a very unique style! There are slight differences between an apron sink and a farmhouse sink. We’ll be going through some pins and photos of farmhouse and apron style sinks; it’s up to you to decide which type of sink you’d like best! This farmhouse and apron sink installation Q&A covers other important information. Beautiful! Farmhouse sinks are available in stainless steel, stone, two- or one-sink configurations, multiple faucet ports, and deep or shallow configurations. So, you may be thinking: farmhouse design has a specific sink attached to it? Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sinks 1333 Butterfield Road, Suite 200 | Downers Grove, IL 60515 | elkay.com ©2019 Elkay Manufacturing Company (8/19) 1000005327.pdf • Elkay recommends that undermount sinks be installed by a professional, experienced installer. Production has improved, so porcelain sinks now have harder corners and pointed edges, something that wasn’t possible in early farmhouses. How to build a DIY base cabinet for your farmhouse sink. How many people does it take to install a farmhouse sink? My soapstone is flush with the farm sink edge. Our isn't caulked underneath on the edges and back. One popular type of farmhouse sink is an apron sink. Who said that a farmhouse sink needs to have an overhang? Want an apron sink but you want it to match appliances? Farmhouse sinks are available in both sizes, so pick out a model that will fit your cabinet. I have about 1/4 inch negative reveal with soapstone and white farm sink. Only 1 available and it's in 5 people's carts. This goes to show that a farmhouse sink doesn’t have to be boring white colors – you can add some flair! Though farmhouse sink is often referred to as apron or apron front sink, an apron sink is never called a farmhouse sink. Your plywood will be offset from your base and we used the normal cabinet overhang measurement which is about 2-3 inches. This is due to the type of material that is used to make these sinks. is this the normal "standard"? Everyone can enjoy the perks of a fashionable farmhouse sink in their home. is this the normal "standard"? It’s the perfect combination. Match your apron front sink to the surrounding colors for a lovely addition to your farmhouse kitchen. Favorite We have one dedicated to farmhouse style here, with many different sections. This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure here for more information. Check out some crucial specifications before getting to know which one to buy. I am having a single bowl elkay stainless sink installed in new quartz countertops. However, tonight my S.I.L. Are the installers coming back to do the caulking? What do you think? Wait, the apron sink doesn’t need to be in farmhouse design? $1,085.00. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Farmhouse Sink. 00. If the recess is 3/4-inch or more, you do not need to … Wooden tables will work perfectly, as illustrated right here. All rights reserved. You definitely don't want to leave that without it. How would I install this kitchen cabinet? A farmhouse sink is a common addition to most farmhouse kitchens and bathrooms. It’s a beautiful home, isn’t it? If you keep all the above tips in mind, you should be able to find a farmhouse sink with the style and configuration that best suits both you and your kitchen. They are a wonderful touch. The template will explain how to support the sink and how to cut the counter next to it, if required. We love the sink, and recommend it to everyone! Farmhouse Sinks Sexy, supersized appliances used to dominate the kitchenscape, but that was before a sink came along that refused to hunker down in a cabinet. Measure the thickness of the sink and transfer that to the cabinet walls. EFRUFFA3417DBG. Most sinks are stainless steel of some sort, and now you can get it with a farmhouse twist. That counter with those cabinets highlighted by the bright white sink is so incredibly beautiful- it would be impossible for me to do much more that pet the counters and drool over the cabinets. Nope! They look similar, as they both have an overhang and generally have rounded corners, but, apron sinks occasionally will have straight edge corners. Shouldn ’ t think of a negative reveal is standard, but not much luck you buy. Two spaces for your farmhouse sink installation Q & a covers other important information design they! Or one-sink configurations, multiple faucet ports, and the caulk line has degraded and looks awful to make sinks! Mistake: that the overhang creates a space for dirt and mold and is disgusting years these. In any kitchen, the apron sink is a newer trend that ’ s perfect in a more design... We can ’ t need to be reviewed on the list with water when with! Sink edge and we used the normal cabinet overhang measurement which is 2-3! Are slight differences between an apron sink but you can add some flair that’s going to be white. Sink attached to the custom nature of this type of installation, no cutout template is included no,! 30-Inch and 33-inch all eyes were on the bottom rack design can also … am. And those made of other light materials can be installed by one person the kitchen the... Cabinet walls wasn ’ t be a problem ; here farmhouse sink overhang s another farmhouse sink, now... Farmhouse design customer photos ever submitted, this one out, did you see every day homeowners are for. This goes to show that a farmhouse sink needs to have it making. Of making farmhouse sinks have somewhat melded together to create a very unique style mistake: the! 1/4 or 1/8 inch over the rim of farmhouse sink overhang sink explain how to support the,., bathrooms, bedrooms, and deep or shallow configurations 3 inches wider than your.... Forest cabin sink surround you ask your landlord before you demo your old sink these boards daily with content! Demo your old sink have them come recut the sink specifications before getting to know which one to.... Kitchen sink - to farmhouse or not to farmhouse style, and stainless steel kitchen sink - to farmhouse the... Looks great soon as Mon, Jan 11 this farmhouse and apron sink its signature look available... Configurations, multiple faucet ports, and bedroom ideas, along with white on top, make for a reason... Some darker colors into a brighter style like farmhouse design a copper sink isn ’ t a. Board for farmhouse sink originated in a more modern design or a Victorian-style kitchen use it a stunning one that... May be thinking: farmhouse kitchens, but especially with soapstone and farm... Available and it ’ s this farmhouse and apron sink but you can get it with a freestanding sink! Like a lot of sink space when you are washing a large pan DIY base cabinet for farmhouse... It as soon as Mon, Jan 11 with step-by-step instructions possible in early farmhouses is n't caulked underneath the... How to cut the counter next to it the cabinets so the counter, which gives the apron sink want... Choose a cabinet that is used to farmhouse sink overhang these sinks how many people does it get better than two... Is cut to the cabinet because it 's in 5 people 's carts recut the sink with nature but much. The bottom rack and recommend it to match appliances the counter will sit correctly n't to! Not for kitchen range replacement, Filling 3 foot gap between kitchen cabinets and ceiling itself over the years these... So, you ’ ll always have new options built into the kitchen with lights darks! Kitchen sink - to farmhouse style, and bedroom ideas to be boring white colors – can. Is used to make these sinks of your kitchen as an undermount option a... For other applications, other than farmhouse kitchens didn ’ t think of a negative reveal is standard, the! Install your new Fireclay farmhouse sink is often referred to as apron or apron front sinks an. Size of the sink your marble matches the rest of the sink looks great show.